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David J Maloney is a highly successful lawyer and Managing Partner of Maloney-Lyons, LLC. With years of experience in the legal industry, Maloney has built an impressive reputation for himself as a skilled attorney. Not only has he earned a reputation for his expertise in the legal field, but he has also accumulated a substantial net worth through his profession. Maloney’s financial success is a reflection of his hard work and dedication to his career. In this article, we are going to cover David J Maloney net worth, career, wife, age, height and other untold facts.

What is David J Maloney Net Worth?

David J Maloney is a highly respected Lawyer and Managing Partner of Maloney-Lyons, LLC. He has gained a reputation as a dependable and honest legal professional who is passionate about his work. He has demonstrated a deep commitment to his clients, earning their trust and respect through his excellent legal services. Over the years, David J Maloney has helped numerous clients navigate complex legal issues and achieve favorable outcomes. His expertise and professionalism have earned him a net worth of approximately $5 million, a testament to his successful career in the legal industry.

Despite his financial success, David J Maloney remains committed to providing top-notch legal services to his clients, always striving to exceed their expectations. His unwavering dedication to his work has helped him build a reputation as one of the best legal professionals in the industry. With his impressive track record and unwavering work ethic, it is no surprise that David J Maloney has achieved such a remarkable level of success in his career.

Net Worth 5 Million
Yearly Income 500k
Monthly Income 60k
Daily Income 2k
David J Maloney
David J Maloney

David J Maloney Summary

Real Name David J Maloney
Nick Name David J Maloney
Profession Managing Partner of Maloney-Lyons, LLC
Age 39 Years
Height In feet: 5’8”
Weight In Kilograms: 73 kg
Relationship Eva Lunkim
Children Not Found
Parents Info Not available


David J. Maloney is a highly accomplished and successful individual in the field of law. With years of hard work and dedication, he has established himself as a leading figure in the legal profession. He started his career as a lawyer and soon became a Managing Partner of Maloney-Strohmeyer, LLP, where he worked tirelessly to ensure that the firm achieved its goals and objectives. As a Managing Partner, he played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the firm and helping it grow into a highly respected law firm.

With his extensive knowledge of the law and his exceptional leadership skills, David J. Maloney became an instrumental force in the success of Maloney-Strohmeyer, LLP. After several years of leading Maloney-Strohmeyer, LLP to success, David J. Maloney became the Managing Partner of Maloney-Lyons, LLC. In this role, he continued to build on his previous success and took the firm to new heights.

David J. Maloney’s hard work and dedication have been the key to his success. He has always been committed to achieving excellence in everything he does and has been relentless in his pursuit of success. His strong work ethic and exceptional leadership skills have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and clients alike.

Education Qualification

David J Maloney has an impressive education qualification. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Graphic Design, Liberal Arts, and Marketing from the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology. During this period, David discovered his love for the arts and developed a keen eye for design, which he would later leverage in his career. After completing his BFA, he decided to pursue his JD in Law from Samford University, where he continued to excel academically.

David’s academic success at Samford University was a testament to his exceptional work ethic and his commitment to his studies. Following his graduation, David J Maloney went on to pursue his passion for law, embarking on a successful career as a lawyer. His education has equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in his chosen profession, and he continues to make a significant impact in the legal field to this day.

Family and Childhood

David J Maloney had a wonderful childhood that shaped him into the successful person he is today. One of his greatest passions during his early life was reading. He was fascinated with different types of books and would spend countless hours delving into their contents. His love for reading sparked an interest in the legal profession from an early age, and he knew that he wanted to become a lawyer one day. This passion was evident in his early years, as he was a very sincere person who always took his studies seriously.

Despite his busy schedule, David always made time for his family, who he held dear to his heart. He had a beautiful family who he cherished and loved spending time with. One of their favorite ways to spend their leisure time was by going on trips together. These trips were always memorable, as they created lasting memories that they would treasure for years to come.

Relationship Status

David J Maloney is a fortunate man when it comes to his relationship status. He is married to Eva Lunkim, and their bond is a testament to the power of love and companionship. The couple has been together for an undisclosed amount of time, but it is clear that they share a deep connection. David and Eva always stand by each other’s side in every single moment of life, no matter what the circumstance. They provide each other with unwavering support and comfort, which is essential in any relationship. David is grateful for Eva’s presence in his life, and he acknowledges the role she has played in making him the person he is today.

What is Maloney-Lyons, LLC Net Worth?

Maloney-Lyons, LLC is a highly esteemed plaintiff law firm that has been operating in the industry for over 14 years. With their vast experience and knowledge, they have become one of the fastest-growing companies in the field. The firm’s reputation and expertise in their practice areas have resulted in a significant increase in their net worth. As per recent statistics, the company’s net worth has been estimated at an impressive 25 million dollars, a testament to their continued growth and success.

This achievement is a result of their commitment to providing top-quality legal services to their clients, and their dedication to securing favorable outcomes in their cases. Maloney-Lyons, LLC’s net worth is a reflection of their continued growth and success in the industry, and it positions them as a leader in their field. As they continue to expand their services and expertise, it is likely that their net worth will continue to rise, cementing their position as one of the most reputable plaintiff law firms in the market.

Year Net Worth
2024 25 Million
2023 22 Million
2022 20 Million
2021 18 Million

Social Profiles:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LawyerDavidJMaloney
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidjmaloney/
  • Whatsapp: +1 251-433-4440
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/davidjmaloney1
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-j-maloney-ba17011a/

 Final Verdict

In conclusion, David J Maloney’s net worth of $5 million is a testament to his success as a lawyer. His earnings from his professional life have allowed him to accumulate significant wealth, making him a high net worth individual. It is clear that his hard work and dedication have paid off, resulting in a comfortable financial position. Overall, David J Maloney is a shining example of what can be achieved through a successful career in law.

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