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Every successful email marketing campaign uses a call to action (CTA). It is the easiest way to ensure the subscriber does exactly what you need, such as by clicking a button or link to your product. CTA in email marketing can be used for a variety of reasons, but in the end, it’s always about motivating your client or customer to dig deeper into the topic of your promotion. So, what are the best CTAs for email, and how do you implement them in your marketing campaign?

What Is an Email CTA?

In email marketing, a CTA is a powerful short sentence or phrase that drives customers to the desired outcome – clicking on a link, image, or button that leads to a limited-time offer or advertises products and services. A CTA email is one of the most powerful marketing tools that, when used correctly, can significantly increase your sales and attract your target audience to the service you’re promoting.

How to Utilize CTAs Most Effectively

First, you need to create a professional-looking email that is easy to customize according to your needs. Use a free email template to build and edit your email, adding all the necessary elements like text and images. So, how to use a CTA in your email? Here are the most common email call to action examples:

  • Subscribe now
  • Register now
  • Shop now
  • Read more
  • Book now
  • Get 30% off today
  • Learn more

Of course, call to action email examples are endless, and you can tweak them according to your needs and the product you are promoting. To use CTAs in your emails, you don’t necessarily need to sell something. It’s just a good technique to inspire your subscribers to act faster (even if it’s just to read more about the event you’re advertising).

Where to Place Your CTA

There are a few rules you should follow when creating your marketing email with a CTA inside. Generally, an email CTA is located at the end after all other advertising content, although the position can be adjusted according to your marketing campaign. Here are a few things you should remember when creating a CTA:

  1. The image caption could be the ideal place to place your call to action, but it may also be placed at the header or the end of the email.
  2. It’s best to place your email CTA at the spots where the readers would naturally pause longer (like bright images or animated objects).
  3. It’s best to put a CTA button at the end of the email so the readers first take in all the content and then naturally follow your call to action.
  4. The CTA should be short and clear, leading to a page relative to the text in the body of the email.

Call to Action Tips and Tricks

While a Call to Action (CTA) seems easy to create, there are several things to keep in mind: it is not only about the message but also the visuals. Now, let’s review a few strategies to craft an effective CTA email.

Keep Things Short

Usually, two or three words are enough to create a perfect call to action that reads just right. You can use up to six words, but more than that will seem bulky, and the text will lose its purpose.

Your Text Should be Action-Oriented

The best CTAs for email are always sharp and striking in some way. You want to motivate the customer to take action, so you need to use strong words like “try it out free” or “get your spot now”. Avoid using weak-sounding words like ‘click here’, ‘submit’ or ‘enter’.

Create a Sense of Urgency

A good CTA always builds up suspense and urges the customer to act fast. To create a sense of urgency, use a special limited-time offer or simply add the word ‘now’.

Your Button Text Should be Large Enough

Make sure that the size of your button text is not too small, so it doesn’t fail to attract the attention of the audience, but yet not too large to intimidate the readers. Here, you should strive to find balance, as your CTA may not be appealing enough and will end up having the opposite effect.


A call to action is one of the most productive ways to increase conversions during email marketing. CTAs with a strong voice evoke a sense of urgency and positively influence the reader to act right away. An email CTA should be clear, concise, and short. You should also pay special attention to the styling of your email, as poorly designed buttons can have the opposite effect, and your CTA may end up annoying the reader.


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